Looking for routines that will get your teams in the winners circle? Need to put in some work on specific stunts, pyramids, basket tosses or jumps with one of your teams? Our experienced all star-specific instructors and choreographers will get you where you want to go. 


Our innovative, completely custom All Star Choreography gives your team the routine they need to stand out this season. We assign choreographers based on the levels and goals of your individual teams.  All choreography is done in 2 day sessions.

  • Full Routine - $3,000 + Travel*
  • Custom Music - $500

*Travel costs vary depending on distance and hotel expenses.


Our Routine Recharge service is like a shot of espresso for when your team  finds themselves in a mid-season lull. We will re-energize your athletes and focus on perfecting your routine in order to max out points, reduce deductions and  to give your team that extra edge when it matters most. Prices listed are for 4 hour sessions. 

  • $350 (Advance choreography customers)
  • $450 (Non-choreography customers)

*Additional travel costs may apply


Ultimate Skill Acceleration Sessions

Our Ultimate All Star Skill Acceleration sessions are totally comprehensive, and are designed to rapidly increase the skill level of multiple teams in a short period of time. Free consultation is included with all options, and gym owners choose the length of time and concentration of which skill work needs to be done with each of their teams.

  • 2 Day Option - $1,500 
    (one instructor)
  • 2 Day Option - $1,800 
    (two instructors)

  • 3 Day Option - $2,500
    (includes two instructors)

*Additional travel costs may apply

Need choreography AND skill work? Ask about our Skill Acceleration and Choreography bundles.


Skill Acceleration Intensives

Our Skill Acceleration Intensives are designed for rapidly improving a single team. Pick two skill areas you need to hit hard, and our experienced staff will provide targeted, technique-driven instruction focused solely on knocking out your goals.

  • 2 Hour Session - $300 

  • 4 Hour Session - $500 

*Additional travel costs may apply


Can't find the service you're looking for? Contact us for a custom quote.